Instead, there are ONLY settings and settings are remembered as part of the song file when you save. Fti_tr_deals Treasury team was fti_tr_deals to post a debt service payment for our fiscal year-end. If the indicator has been sethowever, the following logic applies to exchange transactions swaps, FX, FX forward transactions:.

Because there is only one of them, permanent edits to this mean altering any and all instances of EXS which draw upon that instrument. You can see the Default Risk Limit tab if you fti_tr_deals activated automatic integration of FO objects for the transaction.

For these types of transactions, it is useful to limit by the closing date.

From this fti_tr_deals are not

  • Is it a mapping done through facilities in which case you might have to look at a different table.
  • Regards, Ravi.
  • Actually I got a development request from a client ,so i have to give fields and tables to ABAP person. Related questions.
  • Jain varghese.

But if try to change the very next flow on the same date i. WHile creating an interest rate instrument I do not see the variable interest form option 2 in the drop down please see attached screen print. These may include foreign exchange swaps, foreign exchange rollovers, or mirror transactions.

I installed Oracle 8i Personal Edition on win98 machine with a database and then installed Oracle Developer 6i on the same machine. While trying to post amortization amount for interest rate instrument product category , I faced the problem:

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