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I've been coming to this even for years but the last couple have just not been up to scratch. There's plenty to see and explore. But because they are out of sight they are out of mind! By Laura Reynolds. I've attended many late events around London and even if you arrive later than the start time there is still plenty of time for everything.

time out deals zoo lates

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  • And remember, the animals you eat were not meant to be in a zoo or cared for by vets - they were bred to be eaten, so stop worrying about it! The people behind the London Zoo have done an amazing job at making everything look realistic and it was evident that they have put a great deal of work into even the smallest details.
  • London Zoo Lodges - stay over at It's fair to say that you can spend a quality day in the zoo with kids and even without kids.
  • One of my favourite places.
  • The zoo is very clean. I absolutely love London Zoo!!
  • Share Tweet. Welcome drink on check in at your lodge.

You embark on an amazing adventure through the towns, seeing the different market stalls selling bits and bobs as well as the local train station. No amount of staring into the enclosure trying to will the animals to appear will work I tried. With so many people in there it meant that by the time you got to the end of the queues in front of the stalls, it would probably be shutting time, so I just left.

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Time out deals zoo lates
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